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This page was supposed to be devoted to information on cars and driving but I have not had time to add anything particularly interesting yet.

Until today (August 2, 2003), I owned a wonderful Toyota Supra Turbo (You can find more on it here), but the car was no longer practical - Cameron was too big for the back seat - so I sold it and moved to a sensible family car instead (a BMW 328i). Prior to this I owned a Mazda MX-5 Miata which was great fun but rather underpowered (the newer versions have slightly larger engines - mine was a 1.6L).

Here are a few car-related links that I find helpful:

CarPoint - Microsoft's car site. Great for pricing your vehicle as long as you are looking for dealer-level prices.

Edmunds - The definitive site if you are looking for information to help you buy a new car. It contains all the latest invoice price, dealer incentives and holdback information that will help you negotiate the best price on your new car.

Kelley Blue Book - The definitive site for pricing vehicles. It will give you trade-in, private sale and dealer prices on pretty much any car sold in North America. Again, great information to arm yourself for the mammoth negotiations involved in getting the very best price.

MKIV.com - The site for Supra Mark 4 information and news. If you are selling a Supra, place a free classified here and you will be swamped with offers!