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You are now in Dave's office. Here you will find information on what I do to pay the bills and finance the Adobe Photoshop habit.

During the day, I work as a software engineer for Conexant Systems Inc. in their Austin Design Center. If you haven't heard of Conexant, you would probably recognise the company by its old name - Rockwell Semiconductor Systems. We were spun off from Rockwell in January 1999 and have been doing wonderful things since.

But what do I program? Austin is responsible for Conexant's digital TV settop box CPU and MPEG decoder chips. The group I am in produces the software that allows us to plug a reference design into a satellite dish and have it show TV. I'm currently using the OpenTV interactive television system and am responsible for all the cool demos and snazzy graphics in the box (yes, I get to use Photoshop at work too!) as well as several of the device drivers and real-time kernel interface.

Back at home, I have a second job, designing and maintaining web sites for people. My company, WebArtz Design Services, has about 30 clients whose sites I host and manage. You'll find more details on the WebArtz homepage if you are interested.

If you are really desperate to know more, feel free to take a look at my CV (resumé). If you are a headhunter, don't bother calling since I am very happy in both my current jobs, thank you.