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Here are some web sites that we find interesting and useful. We'll add more as time goes by.


Reference & News

  • BBC Online - Dave's favourite source of online news
  • CNN Interactive - a passable alternative to the BBC :-)
  • WorldPages - US telephone directories online with links to many other countries' online directories.
  • The Register - scandal and gossip from the (UK) IT world.
  • The Glasgow Herald - online version of one of Scotland's main newspapers


  • Price Scan - a huge help when shopping for pricey items. This site compares and lists the best prices it can find from a huge number of online catalogs. Tell it what you are looking for and it will find the cheapest web, telephone or mail order place to get it from.
  • These are online dealers that we have used and been happy with.
  • Amazon.com (US) or Amazon.co.uk (UK) - I don't need to say anything about Amazon. Buy books and pretty much anything else here.
  • iBaby.com - online baby store with prices that are very reasonable compared to most normal retail stores.
  • PCConnection.com - fast, reliable turnaround on computer equipment orders. Prices are generally better than the major retail chains but not the best you will find if you are looking for commodity items and have time to search the backstreet shops.
  • CompGeeks - great, cheap computer bits and pieces.


  • First 9 Months - the most beautifully put together pregnancy related site we have ever seen
  • Babel Fish - AltaVista's amazing site that lets you view any web page in a collection of different languages.