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Welcome to our home on the web!

In case we have not met before, we are Dave Wilson and Nikki Loftin. We live in Austin, Texas and have been married since March 22nd, 1997. We had our first baby, Cameron, on September 30th, 1999 and our second, Drew, on December 21st, 2002. You will find more news of them on the nursery page.

Dave originally hails from Lanark in Scotland while Nikki is a local girl from Round Rock, Texas.

You may also be asking why we've made it difficult to find your way around by making the labels on the buttons to the left so obscure. This is deliberate since we would like you to wander around but, if you are desperate for some navigation help, click here and we'll give you some hints.

Apology: You will probably notice that a lot of the information on this site is badly out of date. I've finally come to terms with the fact that I don't have time to make this site the showcase that I had originally planned (paying customers come first!) and will be moving the content to an easier to maintain format soon. In the meantime, please accept my apologies!

For the very latest news, gossip, gripes, complaints, etc, you may like to look in Dave's Blog.

One of our wedding pictures

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